Customer Reviews

“The Tauck Grand Australia/New Zeland trip is absolute perfection!! This was the best way to celebrate the start of retirement and my favorite Tauck trip to date coat of 12. The cultural experiences, food and wildlife encounters were top notch. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in experiencing all aspects of these countries, where else could you be in the outback in the morning hearing aboriginal stories and walking through a rain forest in the afternoon, New Zeland is an outdoor paradise. So gorgeous!! This was a trip of a lifetime.”

Mrs. Janice Warmke.

“I have already recommended Patravel to others.”

Mr. Milton Frieddman.

“I always recommend Patravel, the trip is only for those which can handle the cold and tossing around in the forest.”

Mr. Ira Levy

“As always Tauck’s trips are so special and this one truly was perfect, thanks PATravel for the trip saving check.”

Ms. Mary Julia Smith

“It was a very educational, enlightening trip, the hotels were wonderful, the guides were excellent.”

Mrs Linda Crook